Tatiana Cesso
Strategic Communications 

Tatiana is a highly creative publicist with expertise in cross-culture communications between the United States and her native country, Brazil. Based in Los Angeles, she helps talents and brands by developing strategic communications plans in the fields of entertainment, travel, fashion, food and luxury.

She has collaborated with leading brands and small creative businesses to make a mark, expand or shift public perception and drive positive conversation in their marketplace.

As a prolific writer, she has stories published by Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, and Veja, the largest news magazine in Brazil. She also work as an editor for InStyle (Estilo) and wrote over 30 magazine cover-stories along her career.

With unparalleled connections and expertise to tailor and distribute stories, Tatiana has founded a-cesso ("access" in Portuguese), a strategic communications firm that works to engage in meaningful interactions with audiences both in Brazil and in the United States.